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1. Account Information

In order to upload files to Motion Drops, you need to become a producer by submit your personal and business information. Please ensure the information is accurate. We will decline your application if it is incorrect or incomplete.

2. Shooting Requirements

Please use the guideline bellow when shooting and submitting your footage. If you have any questions please contact us using our support form.

Video Cameras

Your footage must be acquired with professional or prosumer video cameras. Cameras purchased at retail stores may not qualify as prosumer. Here are a few examples of prosumer 3 CCD cameras:

  • Canon GL1/GL2
  • Canon XL1/XL2
  • Panasonic AG-DVX100
  • Panasonic AG-HVX200
  • Sony DCR-VX210
Video Quality

Your footage should be shot professionally and without any visual mistake or errors. As a safety rule use the following suggestions:

Camera Shakes

Avoid shakes or jerky movements by using a tripod, dolly or any other method that will help you create smooth shots specially when tilts and pans are involved. In special cases where shakes are inherent or part of the concept or idea we may accept the clip.

Clean Lens

Clean your lens before shooting. Videos with visible smudges, hairs, dust, stains, dirt or fingerprints will be rejected.


Footage submission must be in focus. In special cases we may accept out-of-focus clips if the video was blurred for artistic reasons.

Color Correction

You can improve the colors of your video by doing color correction. However, we strongly recommend not to shot your video relying on it. Always make all necessary effort to shot your best possible video to allow minimal adjustments in post.

Slow Motion

Do not submit slow motion footage unless it was acquired from a high speed camera or by cameras capable of shooting slow motion such as the Panasonic AG-HVX200. Slow motions created in post may be rejected. It is recommended to upload your clip at its original speed and let the customer adjust it based on their needs.

Video Lighting

Lighting is very important when creating video footage. Avoid harsh shadows and direct light by bouncing a diffuse light. Also, if the shot is underexposed increase the aperture and/or decrease shutter speed, this will let in more light. For overexposures, decrease the aperture to let less light in or increase shutter speed. We may accept overexposed footage if it was intentionally but professionally created.

White Balance

White balance is also important when shooting video. When white balance is correctly done, all colors will look identical or similar to your subject. If your white balance is not correct, you will notice that your clip will look orange, blue or yellow. To achieve a correct white balance point your camera to a white non-reflective surface in the same location where the shooting will happen. Zoom into the surface until is completely white and set it up. Remember to white balance if the lighting setting changed.

Digital Noise

Noise in video occurs more frequently in uniform color areas particularly in low light situations. To avoid noise switch off the gain function of your camera and add more light to the scene by opening the iris. Some artifacts may work in post but make sure is does not affect the overall quality of the video.

Audio / Sounds

We may accept footage with audio, voice or sounds if it is in direct relation with the scene. Due to copyright issues, we will not accept footage with music, performances or voices from a radio stations. If your video footage contains audio, voice or sounds, it must be 48kHz, 16 bit uncompressed, with no levels exceeding -6 dB.

3. Format Requirements
Video Format

We accept the following formats: NTSC D1 (29.97 fps), PAL (25 fps), HD 720 (24, 29.97 or 30 fps), HD 1080 (24, 29.97 or 30 fps), MEDIUM (640 x 480 at 29.97 fps and SMALL (320 x 240 at 29.97). For standard definition please make sure the frame rate match the format. We do not accept PAL at 30 fps or NTSC at 25 fps.

Video Compression

All video must be encoded using Quicktime Photo-JPEG with a quality compression at a maximum of 92%. Compression will not visibly affect the quality of the video. Quicktime videos with 100% quality will be rejected.

Field Rendering

We accept progressive and interlaced videos. Always make sure to indicate the field rendering of your footage.

Video Length

Video length must be a minimum of one 1 second if it is an effect or transition and a maximum of 30 seconds for backgrounds or regular footage. We strongly suggest to only to shorten the video if the scene is repetitive or do not change. For a example, a non moving shot of a palm tree shaking by the wind should not be longer than 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Legal Requirements
Model Release

Any footage submission where there is an identifiable human face must be accompanied by a model release even if the clips is of the producer. Signatures must be done by hand, not by inserting text or scanned signatures. If the clip is of child under the age of 18 the release must be signed by a parent or a legal guardian. A witness is required to sign the model release.

Property Release

Any footage submission that contains any identifiable property (house, building, restaurant, pets or personal property) must be accompanied by a property release. It must be signed by the legal and beneficial owner(s) of the property or their authorized agent.

Copyrights and Trademarks

We make all necessary effort to avoid any infringement and to conform to international copyrights and other applicable laws. For such reason we do not accept footage containing the following unless accompanied with proper releases (in some cases):

  • Any readable logo, element, company name or any design object that can be identified even if it only shows a portion.
  • Any product or package that can identified even if it only shows a portion.
  • Any video of a video.
  • Any video of footage from other stock houses.
  • Any car where they are the primary subject or in full view.
  • Any technology product such as computer or a cell phone where they are the primary subject or in full view.
  • Any sporting events with sport figures, uniforms, logos or athletes.
  • Any non public domain statues or buildings. Please check with your local authorities before shooting.
  • Any video editing, masking or blend together with other videos not belong to you.
5. Metadata for Clips

Use a short descriptive title for your footage. i.e. Kid Drawing on Paper. 26 characters maximum. The title should reflect the clip or subject or a simple description the the video is for example an abstract background.


Use phrases or sentences to describe your footage. Provide a verbal description of the location, subject(s) or what is going on in the scene. It should not include names, business names or websites.


Enter between 5 to 30 keywords. Please use only keywords that are relevant to your footage. Do not use any personal or business information. Some keywords are not necessary. For example, if submitting and HD clip, it is not necessary to add the text HD. The system already know the format of your clip.

6. Metadata for Collections

You should name your collection accordingly to the general criteria of your clips. Try to use a maximum of 3 words. For example, if your collection contains videos of cats and dogs in various activities a good name could be "House Pets".


Use sentences to describe your collection. Keep it between 1 to 3 short paragraph and be as descriptive as possible. We will edit the content when needed. For example a collection containing various scenes of water activities and vegetation of an island was named: Caribbean Island. Here is a short but detailed description: "Beautiful scenic views from an island in the Caribbean. Various clips of beaches, shores, reefs, boating & more".


Enter between 5 to 30 keywords. Please use only keywords that are relevant to your footage as a whole not by individual clips. For example, if only one of the clips belong to the collection contains a video of a cat, do not add the text cat to the keyword. You will be able to add it to that particular clip.

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