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ID : 256
Title : Torch
Description :

Single torch in center of the screen.

Length : 00:10
Loopable  : No
Matte  : Yes
Premium  : No
Audio  : No
Letterbox  : No
Field Rendering : Progressive
Source :
License : Royalty Free
Model Release : No
Property Release : No
From Collection : Fire FX
Producer : Motiondrops
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Small 320 x 240 1.31 MB 29.97 fps Quicktime Photo-JPEG $ 10.00
Medium 640 x 480 4.57 MB 29.97 fps Quicktime Photo-JPEG $ 20.00
NTSC 720 x 486 13.66 MB 29.97 fps Quicktime Photo-JPEG $ 30.00
PAL 720 x 576 13.38 MB 25 fps Quicktime Photo-JPEG $ 30.00

Fire blast blasts blaze blazes burning celebrate celebrates celebrating celebration celebrations exploding explosion explosions fire fire FX fire effect fire effects fires firework fireworks fireworks display fireworks displays flame flames flare flares flaring holiday holidays loop loopable looped looping loops pyro pyrotechnic pyrotechnics rocket rockets combustion blaze bonfire campfire charring coals combustion conflagration devouring element embers flames flare glow hearth heat holocaust hot spot* incandescence inferno luminosity oxidation phlogiston pyre rapid oxidation scintillation scorching searing sparks tinder warmth hot burn en kindle ignite kindle light set ablaze set aflame set alight touch off everlasting fire everlasting torment hellfire lake of fire and brimstone.

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